What is the PrideRock Investment Edge?

The PrideRock edge lies in the principals' ability to leverage Computer Science to discern and trade global market trend because of price action emanating from China and its orbit of asset markets.
Cumulative lineage underpins the PrideRock edge and brings the principals to this moment.

The principals -- CIO Jun Yuan and its Quant Architect and Chief Trader, Jing Liu -- have advanced degrees in Computer Science from Peking University, where they graduated at the top of their class and maintain to this day close relations with the school’s Institute of Network Computing and Information Systems.

The principals also have established roots in China's market history. They have traded China since its equity and fixed income markets opened to the world -- and they have done so as heads of trading and quant desks at Wall Street's finest institutions: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

The PrideRock principals know how China works.

They know how China can lead global market action and do so across myriad asset classes.

And they know the best way to leverage this experience as competitive advantage is to harness data and technology to identify market trend -- and counter-trend -- and trade those trends on both algorithmic and discretionary bases.

This is how PrideRock delivers uncorrelated and attractive risk-adjusted return to its clients.